A reminder for people who love to help others:

You need to take breaks from helping others and focus on yourself sometimes. When you have a serving spirit and helping heart it is very easy to get caught up in helping everyone around you, and forgetting about yourself. When you have that kind of…


Grace is not so much any one action or rule or attitude, but grace is more of a story about broken people being loved and healed.

Let me tell you about my first pastor. When I first came to church over ten years ago, I was a stubborn thick-headed horny atheist who was looking for hot Christian girls. I hated the sermons but I kept coming back: because there was something about this pastor.

He endured with me. I asked him tons of annoying questions about God and the Bible, but he answered them patiently. I screwed up a lot: I slept with a few girls in the church and confessed them all, but he never flinched. He called me and texted me when I never replied. He bought me lunches, dinners, books, and sent cards to my house. He spent hours praying for me. He never once lost his temper with me.

Over time, I realized how much of a jerk I was to him. I didn’t listen; I was late all the time; I got drunk and went to strip clubs on Saturday nights before strolling in hungover on Sundays; I hardly asked how he was doing. BUT: he was endlessly loving. And the grace of this man completely melted me. I’ve known him now for thirteen years, and there’s no way I could be the person I am today without him.

I remember small moments. When one day I was horribly depressed, and he wrote me a letter right in front of me. When I got out of the hospital from swallowing a bottle of pills, and he listened without judging. When I was sobbing hysterically one day and he gripped both my hands and told me, "It’ll be okay. God still loves you and He will never stop."

Even now, my eyes glisten and my heart swells at his sacrifice. His grace fundamentally ripped away my selfishness and disturbed my ego. I deserved nothing and he gave me his all.

Does anybody feel like a modern day Pharisee? | The Prodigal Movement




Because that’s literally the only worldview that makes sense. God is reflected in everything that He creates, and without Him, this whole system breaks apart.

I believe in God because He exists. Just like I believe that my wife exists. I talked to them both today. I appreciated the sunset that God made and the instagram picture that my wife made. To see that picture and not believe that someone created it would be foolish.

So you see your god reflected in disease, illness, heredity diseases, disability, insects that perform traumatic insemination, animals that perform sexual cannibalism, birds that destroy another birds eggs so they can steal the nest, parasitoid’s that kill their host?

There’s obviously something terribly wrong that’s happened with the world. You and I, along with every other person have a sense of “rightness” and what “should be.” 

God created everything and at that moment it was all “right” and how it “should be.” Then rebellion entered the world when a part of creation used it’s God-given free will to turn traitor to His design. This had a huge chain reaction effect through the whole earth, and now instead of a good version of creation we’re left with a perversion. 

So pumped for the day when God sets things straight. He’s already doing it in little chunks through those who want to see His will done. 

This one is for the ladies

Hey, yes you staring in the mirror thinking that if you look closer Looking from different angles thinking that what you see in the straight and slightly broken mirror isn’t the same as what you’ll see from all angles

When I look at you all I see is true beauty Sure when you look at yourself you probably think how can a girl as big as me be beautiful, you aren’t fat, you’re a fully figured beautiful woman  To the white girls, yellow bones and dark skinned girls listening to criticism from all angles but if you can’t appreciate yourself no one will, sweety people will always have something to say but smile and walk away  Why so suicidal?

You are beautiful and it’s not easy to grasp but no matter how tall or skinny or short you are you have value

Why? Pills…diets…cutting Why put yourself through so much trouble to lose weight just so society can say you have anorexia? Why cut yourself so deep just to forget your problems? You realize that your problem will be waiting when you put that razor down? Why compare yourself to her when you don’t know what she is going through

In other parts of  the world a girl just committed suicide because of your perspective of how she looks Sipping on diet cokes and eating slim bars just because you think she’s too fat Eating thousands of calories and food with extra fats just to gain weight to have those curves Going to the GYM just because cosmopolitan tells her that the ideal woman looks a certain way

Ladies If he doesn’t appreciate you with all your flaws and your imperfection why are you still hanging on to him like a monkey dangling on trees Ever heard of Jesus? He takes you as you are, He doesn’t want you to be perfect…just come as you are You are beautiful and words shouldn’t get you down You can photo shop your pictures but you can’t photo shop your life, you can’t adjust your body or your legs just so you look perfect Why can’t you appreciate the way He created you?

You are beautiful and you are here for a greater purpose If people bring you down dump them, easy as ABC

 With Love Me, Nsuku